Our Services
GLS is dedicated to constant improvement and enhancement of our services

By acting as an intermediary, we give any kind of industrial products suppliers an easy way to market their products and secure customers right across the globe. And we give purchasers the expertise and support to find exactly equipment and quality of product to suit their needs.

GLS philosophy is to work using small, self-contained trading units, each with its own management and clearly defined areas of responsibility.

GSL can provide construction equipment in various settings such as construction site, building site gardening and forestry

We are a complete source for any size of agriculture machinery…. all designed for top performance and dependability…

We are professional supplier of tools,cutting tools, accessories and collaboration tools, we offer a complete range to suit general purpose..

Transportation and Logistics

 GLS about Transportation is in a perfect position to provide this additional service for our customers.  We can pick up product from your facility, warehouse it, and schedule shipments to ensure your product gets where you need it to be on-time.  In some cases customers just want to out-source the scheduling of shipments from their location.  GLS can help with this. Call us today to discuss your specific logistical needs.

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