GLS specializes in the export and import of various industrial machinery, such as Construction, Agriculture machinery, Medical Equipment, Tools, cutting tools, and steel; it also works in the extraction and commercialization of different Minerals, such as copper ore offering door-to-door service, including Air and Ocean Freight. Our independence ensures that the GLS is objective in matching exact customer needs in terms of quality, specifications, financial terms, and delivery. Through its global team of experienced traders, GLS possesses in-depth Export Import sector knowledge, access to key personnel, and an enviable strength of relationships across its portfolio of suppliers and customers. These relationships, many decades long, are paramount to the success of the GLS trading operations. We are now well-positioned to support its trading counterparties and capitalize on market opportunities. GLS has Offices in Houston, TX, USA, MTY Mexico, and Norwood Australia. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will inform you of current market conditions and guild you through the process.

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