Wide variety of Equipment

GLS have great experience exporting a wide variety of construction machinery .

Such as Excavators,Mini Excavator,Loader,(wheel/Crawler)Bulldozer,Road Rollers,Asphalt Finishers,Motor Graders,off Road Dump Trucks Cranes (truck Mounted/Crawler/Rough Terrain) etc.

A wide range of high-quality equipment, backed up with our historically proven customer support reliability. In addition to the relentless efforts of GLS field sales team that helps tremendously in the aspects of introduction and field demonstration, our commitment towards our clients in the sense of providing them with an answer to their needs, was only possible by carefully listening to them and devoting our resources into consolidating their requirements

New Equipment

Automatic concrete block making machine .

GLS is a key manufacturer & exporter of Automatic Concrete Block Making Machines that find a range of applications in construction industry. Automatically operated, they are engineered to ensure trouble-free performance and increased production rate. As a result, these machines are suiting various construction needs regarding block making, and construction materials etc. They are versatile in nature and produce a variety of blocks efficiently. Made from advanced components and technologies, our Automatic Concrete Block Making Machines offer superior production capacity, power saving and uniform outputs. And the sophisticated process ensures consistent quality concrete blocks.

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